Monday, December 6, 2010

It's all Yiddish to me

There's a Yiddish saying that goes "It is better to take food into the mouth than to take worries into the heart."  But what if the worries in your heart are about the food you're giving your toddler? 

There is so much conflicting advice when it comes to introducing certain foods to a baby.  Peanut butter, citrus fruits, wheat, cow's milk, eggs. The list goes on.  It's all trial and error and as a new mom, I can't help but worry about what I'm giving my daughter.  At her 9 month appointment the doctor told me peanut butter was OK, so I didn't worry too much when she grabbed my peanut butter sandwich and licked part of it. But then an hour later she had hives all over. Of course, I freaked out, called the doctor and gave her Benadryl.  The hives went away and she was fine, but it made me totally gun-shy about giving her anything. 

So I've resigned to slowly giving her "off-limits" foods and then hovering over her for the next few hours waiting for any sign of a reaction. In the past few weeks we've given her scrambled eggs, cow's milk and oranges.  She developed two small red blotches on her back.  My first thought: allergic reaction with anaphylaxis (or "a decrease in the ability to breathe, which may cause a coma.")  Why do I immediately go there?  She ended up fine and the red blotches were actually a couple of pox as a side-effect to her recent chicken pox vaccine. 

Call me Nervous Nelly, but does the worry in your heart ever go away? 

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