Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vitamin D Frenzy

In the past few weeks new vitamin D and calcium recommendations have been released. The requirements didn't change much, but it got me thinking about the adequacy of Mia's diet when it comes to micronutrients.  I can't get her to take the liquid multivitamin for infants.  I can't blame her. Poly-vi-sol has really stinky iron and you can smell it on your child for hours after you give it to them.  Not fun for me, her or the neighbors.

Given that Mia is eating a variety of foods I'm not too concerned about certain nutrients.  But when my endocrinologist told me I was vitamin D deficient a few weeks ago, I felt embarrassed (a dietitian deficient in a nutrient, the horror!) but also concerned for Mia.   She she's still nursing 5-6 times a day -- is she mainlining the vitamin D out of me?   Just to be on the safe side I bought the Carlson vitamin D drops and have been pleasantly surprised.  Not only will Mia open her mouth like a baby bird when I get the drops out, they don't smell and they have 400 IUs per drop.  I've even started giving myself a few drops here and there.  One thing I didn't do was put the drops on my breasts and then nurse like the instructions said. That was a little too weird for me.

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