Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hill of beans...in the diaper

This might be too much information, but am I the only mom who gets upset when I see whole edamame beans and peas in my baby's diaper?  I went through all of that steaming and got her to swallow them, but the nutrients didn't get absorbed because the beans came out intact. Grrrr.  A professor once told me that foods aren't really nutrition until their component nutrients are absorbed in the intestine.  Just getting them down the hatch and into the stomach doesn't mean you're out of the woods. 

So, here's a tip.  Infants and toddlers who haven't developed molars aren't able to fully chew all foods so they'll be absorbed effectively. That means we have to help them along.  If you're seeing full edamame beans, peas or whatever your legume du jour, make sure you prep them for digestive success -- take the clear shell off edamame beans and mush them up as much as you can (while still making them a finger food).  You can also blend them up and hide the evidence in everything from casseroles to pasta.  I also squeeze individual peas to get the outside skin off before offering as a finger food.  Nothing in life is easy, right?

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