Monday, November 29, 2010

Eating a Rainbow

You might be surprised that Mia hasn't yet mastered the art of language.  Yes, she can say Mama, Dada, yeah, baby and Mimi (her nickname) but there's also a lot of undefinable babble in there.  As a dietitian, I'm focused on getting her to eat a variety of foods and communicating the names of fruits and vegetables. 

I'm trying to get creative.  Last week I was feeding her carrots, peas and corn and simultaneously pointing excitedly at pictures of each of them in my "I Can Eat a Rainbow" board book.  I searched Mia's face for recongition such as "Mom is amazing!  There are vibrant pictures of carrots, peas and corn right there and look, she's even feeding real versions to me.  I can't wait to eat all of them.  Happy day!"  That didn't happen.  She did eat a few bites of veggies though. I'll take it.

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