Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy Molar

One of Mia's molars finally came in.  This is her 9th tooth so you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but something about this one was more painful than the others. And it took two months to surface.  I don't like the thought of over-medicating her with ibuprofen but I don't want her in pain either.  Such a struggle for a new mom!  Might need to over-medicate myself just so I can chill out about it.

From what I've read she'll start eating better once the molars are in. I'm looking forward to that as her diet consists of 70% breastmilk and 30% solids right now (not my fault, I swear!).  One of my co-workers was asking how to get her toddler to drink more milk because he was only drinking 10 ounces or so a day. Um, the dietitian's kid is only drinking 4-6 ounces of cow's milk a day.  Alas, I do have some tips though that are slowly helping Mia get better with cow's milk:

*Put it in EVERYTHING.  Homemade mac n' cheese, oatmeal, smoothies. You name it, cow's milk is in it.

*Go sweeter.  Some moms swear by acidophilus milk, which has been fermented with bacteria to create a sweeter flavor kids love. It can also help restore healthy bacteria to the digestive tract.  You can also try soymilk as its sweeter than cow's milk. I love the Silk Omega-3 & Calcium variety (client, yes, but still love it). 

*Make it fun.  Give your toddler a special milk cup that's just for him. Or start each meal off with a big "cheers" where you clink glasses and you drink some milk too. Kids love to imitate.

*Be weary of flavored milks like chocolate or strawberry milk, as toddlers don't need the added sugar and you don't want to predispose them to syrupy flavored milk.  Definitely keep it as a treat only. 

Here's hoping the 3 remaining "first" molars pop through quickly.  And then there's the canines and second molars.  So much to look forward to!

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