Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother Shock

I just finished a book called Mother Shock. Yes, the title is a little extreme but seemed fitting as I began my second year as a mother.  The book has a bunch of essays on the different stages of motherhood.  The first few essays focused on the immediacy needed to be a new mom.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a doer -- I get things done and FAST.  I hate leaving anything on my to do list.  Given immediacy is my nature, I acclimated quickly to responding to Mia's every need.  But now 16 months later I find that my response is slower.  Yes, I still respond to all cries, but I have relaxed a bit.    Per author Andrea Buchanan this means I'm getting into the final stage of motherhood where you truly start to feel like a mother.  Apparently not freaking out about Mia eating Fancy Feast equates to being comfortable as a mom. I've arrived!   

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